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Good Day everyone, I am Lucy Macedo producer of Candy & Ronnie. When it comes to an “Independent Film” most of all producers wear many hats.  From finding the script, financing, casting, scheduling, locations, catering and more…
Today I want to share a few of my thoughts on how we held our auditions on Candy & Ronnie and little bit of how we usually do our casting in our production company Strad Films. Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and read away. I hope you enjoy!

Let’s talk about the Casting Process.

We go to the casting process ourselves and because of that it can be a little bit different than traditional casting. We are independent!

Until the day that we have a big budget and can afford a professional casting director we will be using the services of La Casting. You just create your project add all the details of your film and watch all those submissions roll in.

On Candy & Ronnie we had 115 submissions for Alice Murphy and 514 submissions for The Pizza Guy.  A great number for an indie short film, especially since it was a non-union and required light nudity.

An advice for the young actors when you submit to a film make sure you have at least one dialogue scene for a reel. I can’t stress how difficult it is for us to call someone in just based on pictures alone. All of our selections come from actors that have something for us to watch. It doesn’t matter if it’s filmed on your phone… we are interested in how the actors handle dialogue. Sky will view reels for hours and hours and he sees every single reel submitted. Submit a reel (or any single scene) and make a great first impression.
Personal Note
Also there are those who send personal letters with their La Casting submissions. They go above and beyond to learn about your film and personalize that submission. They write something interesting about themselves connecting them to the character. Those actors stand out. We love that!


We usually hold the audition and callbacks at Space Station in Hollywood. There are many other places in town but we love the guys at Space Station.

Auditions are so much fun! It is fantastic to see the professionalism of each actor and to see what they bring to the film. We see the scenes from the auditions reveal themselves in front of our eyes in many different ways. Each actor adds a personal touch but you might be surprised how many actors don’t come prepared.

We highly recommend studying at the Steve Eastin Studio – Steve is the man. If you want to win in this game you have got to be confident and prepared.

Bring headshots! I know we are in the digital age but we are old school. We love to pair actors headshots just to visualize how they will look together, so please bring your headshots. There’s nothing like a hard copy photo. We keep a file of all talented actors so that we can call them in for future casting auditions.

We also watch all of the taped auditions very carefully. To narrow down our selections we usually come up with three categories.

  • A definite possibility
  • Maybe – Let’s see this actor again
  • Not right for the part.

Then Skyko (the director) will send out an email, if there is someone he really thinks is a strong candidate he will write an individual email. If not I will send out a collective email and start with the callback scheduling process. The sad part is when we have to contact the actors that aren’t right for the part. We respond to everyone who took time out of their busy schedules and came in to audition for us as we are so grateful – even if they are not right for the part.

After we select our top actors we hold a call back and bang! We hopefully end up with the final cast! It doesn’t always turn out to be the final cast though on our first short film Head Over Heels a week before we were about to shoot our lead actor had some scheduling issues that forced us to recast. I would much rather push my entire production back than have someone on my team that isn’t 100% committed.

If an actor can’t make their audition time, they should email to reschedule, if it is audition day please call us. By this time actors usually have our production’s phone number. Please take your audition seriously!  If you did your homework you will be just fine!

We see so many talented actors I wish we could cast everyone who lights up the room, especially those who… “Either make you want to immediately hire them or call security” says Steve Eastin.

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